Nurture the journey

Hi, I’m Rebecca

Welcome to Bodhi Beautiful; created and crafted to nourish and celebrate mindfulness, motherhood and the natural qualities of life – our emotions, following our heart and the beauty of living.

I’m a mindset and health coach. I want to show you how to create the life you want and do what you love. My tips on motherhood, health and happiness will make your life more vibrant and help you do what makes you feel good every single day!

Align with Authenticity


Be our authentic self and align our inner being with our purpose in life – learning to be an authentic happy human that thrives on life.

Nourishing our bodies with wholesome food, gentle movement and self love; we can feel great and open ourselves up to enjoying life.

Follow our natural rhythm of parenting through breastfeeding, bed sharing and babywearing – all healthy and filled with love.


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